This keypad is intended for Yaesu FT-950 and FT-2000/D to control the internal digital voice unit, useful especially during dx and contests to save your voice and your throat. I didn't use all the features of the original Yaesu FH-2 keypad but only the buttons to manage the voice memory.

All the above mentioned rigs have the possibility to store voice messages. With this keypad you can store and manage all this messages directly, avoiding to press "Function" buttons on the rig. There are only six buttons; one button is to store messages and five buttons are to recall and play them.

The components list is more then ridicolous, only some resistor, six cheap buttons, an headphone jack (mono) and a small plastic or metal box. A pcb is not necessary, you can youse a simple breadboard to place components. To obtain the exat resistance value indicated in the wire diagram, use series and parallel resistors. The use of 1% precision resistances is not necessary. I used standard 5% resistors and my keypad works perfectly.

- This is my keyer -